Soccer League 2009

The Final (24 June 2009)

Sunderland 2-2 West Brom

Super Sunderland win 4-2 after penalties!

Sunderland came from a 2-0 deficit to win the league final on Tramore AFC astroturf on Wednesday the 24th June. Captain Evan Connor cancelled out Lumi Kanwei’s opener in the second half. While both teams had chances in extra time the game was decided on penalties. Courtney O Connor, 5th class beat Aodan Fullam to win the game for Super Sunderland. Man of the match was Lumi Kanwei.

Semi Finals (23 June 2009)

West Brom will meet Sunderland in the league final on Wednesday the 24th on Tramore AFC Astroturf.

West Brom 5-0 Chelsea

An easy win for West Brom against a Chelsea team still without Eric Yahaya.

Sunderland 9-6 Man City

Sunderland’s Abbie Ní Dhonncha defeated Man City with a double strike in the second half. Conall de Paor in the goal prevented a late winner from City’s striker Dónal Rang 1 with an on the line save.

Team of the Season 2009

The team of the season was picked by the pupils after 110 league games.

In Goal:

  • Aodhdán Fullam (Rang 4) West Brom

Outfield Players:

  • Sam Ó Moráin (Rang 5) Everton
  • Abbie Ní Dhonncha (Rang 2) Sunderland
  • Daithí ó Cinnéide (Rang 3) Hull
  • Jack Ó Broin (Rang 4) Tottenham Hotspur
  • Aodh Ó Conchuhair (Rang 5) Man City
  • Dónal Ó Conchubhair (Rang 1) Man City
  • Morgan Ó Leocháin (Rang 4) Aston Villa
  • Chriostóir Ó Súilleabhain (Rang 6) Tottenham Hotspur

Final League Table (22 June 2009)

Away Home Goals
Teams P W D L F A W D L F A F A GD Pts
1 West Brom 20 5 2 3 43 36 6 3 1 41 31 84 67 17 38
2 Sunderland 20 3 5 2 41 37 6 3 1 51 40 92 77 15 35
3 Man. City 20 8 1 1 82 26 3 0 7 33 43 115 69 46 34
4 Chelsea 20 5 2 3 64 48 4 5 1 57 54 121 102 19 34
5 Aston Villa 20 7 0 3 51 44 3 2 5 35 40 86 84 2 32
6 Hull 20 5 3 2 46 41 3 2 5 47 55 93 96 -3 29
7 Everton 20 3 1 6 43 51 5 2 3 36 43 79 94 -15 27
8 Liverpool 20 4 2 4 31 29 2 3 5 25 33 56 62 -6 23
9 Man. United 20 3 3 4 49 55 3 0 7 47 61 96 116 -20 21
10 Tot’ham Hotspur 20 5 1 4 58 49 1 0 9 41 71 99 120 -21 19
11 Arsenal 20 3 3 4 29 31 0 3 7 34 66 63 97 -34 15


Match Commentary: 22 June 2009

Everton 5-9 Sunderland

Aston Villa 2-4 Liverpool

The final two games of the soccer league were played today. 110 matches in total have been played and as can be seen from the table West Brom retained their top spot despite a run of three losses in their final games. They will play long-time leaders Chelsea in the semi-final which will take place tomorrow the 23rd of June. Chelsea slipped to fourth place in the final series of matches and were lucky that Villa suffered. Second place was snatched by Sunderland after a final game triumph over Everton. They will play Man City in the other semi-final.

Match Commentary: 17 June 2009

Aston Villa 6-5 West Brom

A great win for Villa who capitalised on West Brom’s loss of their great keeper, Aodhdán Fullam another school trip victim! Villa are now very much in the running for a play-off place.

Match Commentary: 16 June 2009

West Brom 3-8 Man Utd

Weat Brom suffered only their second defeat of the league campaign today. It highlights Seán Mac’s problem as we approach the play-offs. As captain he is without the services of top scorer Lumi Kanwei who is on holidays and the speedy Natasha Lavery who has a rib injury.

Hull 2 -1 Liverpool

Liverpool’s play-off chances were buried by today’s loss.

Match Commentary: 11 June 2009

Chelsea 6-2 Man Utd

Who said Chelsea would lose without Eric Yahaya? A great win against Utd. They stay second in the table.

Man City 13-7 Hull

City are invincible these days with Dónal O Connor, first class, in wonderful scoring form. Hull’s captain, Cormac Newell, was resigned after the match to not being able to improve their position on the table.

Arsenal 1-2 Liverpool

A brilliant headed winner from Eoin Ó Dálaigh was the difference. Arsenal remain close to the bottom of the table.

Match Commentary: 10 June 2009

Spurs 2-1 Aston Villa

A long last Spurs win!

Spurs have finally won a match by the odd goal ending their losing run. Villa lost the chance today to go second.

Sunderland 3-3 Everton

Mid-table draw

These two teams drew today after a tough match. ‘Both teams were evenly matched’, said Aaron Skehan in his after match interview. Sam Moran scored for Everton.

Arsenal 2-1 Liverpool

Arsenal fight back

Beibhinn O’Connor and Ryan Hurley scored in Arsenal’s victory over fellow strugglers Liverpool. ‘We still can get to the play-offs’, said Bevan, Arsenal’s Captain.

Match Commentary: 9 June 2009

Hull 3 – 3 West Brom

West Brom were almost defeated today by mid table Hull. They retain their top spot but will have to improve to stay ahead of the pack.

Arsenal 1 – 2 Man City

Aodh O’Connor’s double strike ensured City’s continued rise up the table.

Sunderland 6-4 Man Utd

Sunderland gains revenge following last week’s defeat at the hands of Utd. An important win

Match Commentary: 8 June 2009

Sunderland 8-7 Spurs

After losing against Man Utd. on Friday last Sunderland bounced back with a hard fought win against the unluckiest team in the league, Tottenham. Chris O Sullivan’s team have lost their last three matches by 1 goal! Man of the match was Spurs all action hero Jack O Broin.

Man City 8-1 Chelsea

Eric Yahaya injury sustained after school last Thursday has left him on crutches and out of Chelseas league campaign. Today without their top scorer Chelsea strugg;ed against in form City who continue to climb the table.

Aston Villa 5-3 Liverpool

Jordan Mac Carthy’s hat trick ensured that Villa have Chelse in their sights and hope to pass them into second place now that Eric Yahaya is out injured.

Match Commentary: 4 June 2009

Tottenham 12-12 Chelsea

A great game with Spurs losing a lead and failing to convert a last minute penalty. Joe de Bhard saved Chelsea with a wonder strike in the last minute. Tensions were high as Eric handled outside the goalkeeper’s area but Chris Ó Sullivan’s penalty effort was saved. The second day running that Spurs fail to convert a penalty.

Man City 2-1 Aston Villa

Darragh Mac, Rang 6, won the points for City with a strike just before the bell. This loss leaves Villa still in third place but they were expected to win with Morgan and Jordan back in their starting line up after recent surfing adventures. Man City continue to climb the table.

Hull 6-6 Arsenal

Everybody thought this would be an easy match for Hull against lowly Arsenal but Philip Lavery’s goal meant that Cormac Newell’s team had to chase the game from early on.

Match Commentary: 3 June 2009

Aston Villa 7-3 Everton

Without Morgan Lohan and Jordan McCarthy (away on a surfing trip with Rang 4) Aston Villa ground out another win. Cian Denton’s strike when they were 2-0 down was inspirational. Who said you can’t play in sandals. Cian’s celebration after his goal was as good as his strike. Man of the match goes to Luke O Connor Rang 3.

Man City 6-0 Liverpool

“We can’t play in this heat”, says Eoin Ó Dálaigh o Learpholl

Tottenham 6-7 Hull

Despite leading 4-0 at one stage Spurs managed to lose another match by the single goal. When you are bottom of the table everything goes wrong. Without Jack ó Broin today and even the normally deadly Aodán Ó Broin could not get the ball past Alex Keating in the goal for a last gasp penalty.

Match Commentary: 2 June 2009

Chelsea 3-3 West Brom

Top of the Table Clash Ends All Square

Eric Yahaya’s best efforts were not enough today for his team Chelsea. Despite his hat-trick Lumi Kanwei’s strike was enough to secure West Brom a draw. Eric had to leave the field due to colourful language and now wonders what might have been if only he had watched his language. For the record Sean McKinley also received a yellow card. West Brom are now sitting pretty on top of the table. Who can stop us now? says Sean Mac.

Sunderland 3-3 Aston Villa

Liverpool 1-1 Everton

No change mid table as all other teams failed to catch up on the top two.