Physical Activity


Schools are asked to reflect on opportunities for physical activity outside of formal P.E. lessons – at break times, extra-curricular and cross curricular activities for example.

Previous examples of this are arranged by school year below.


Super Troopers

Class 1-6 took part in Super Troopers again this year. Super Troopers promotes a different physical activity every evening. The children are now doing Super Troopers as part of their homework.

Ten @ Ten

As part of Operation Transformation the classes will be taking part in 10@10, where each class completes ten minutes of physical activity every morning at 10am.


Mark from Skipnrope came to teach us some skipping tricks. Everybody really enjoyed it!

Playground Leaders

Pupils from sixth class are now trained as playground leaders having completed a few training sessions with Múinteoir Orla. Twice a week they organise games for na naíonáin during their lunch break.


10 @ 10

On Friday February 10th 2017, we participated in the 10@10. This Operation Transformation initiative asked schools nationwide to engage in physical activity for 10 minutes at 10am. We really enjoyed it.

A Mile on Tuesday

As a result of the 10@10 the committee have decided that we should do more walking and/or running every week. The committee would hope that we would be able to run a mile once a week at our leisure. The committee have measured a track a mile long around the school. Every Tuesday the classes will run/walk this track or part there of until they are comfortable running the full mile.

The School has also registered with More details to follow.

School Slogan

A competition was run by the committee to compose a slogan for the Active School. Here is the slogan that won.

Congratulations to Sarah Blackett. This slogan will be seen all over the school to try and encourage us to be active.

Super Troopers

Gaelscoil Philib Barún is participating in Super Troopers, an initiative promoting physical activity. Every night the children have an activity to complete and record in their Super Trooper journals along with any other physical activity they perform. Keep up the good work Super Troopers!


Dancing at Midday

Every day at twelve o clock, all classes stop their school work, get up out of their seats and dance for three or four minutes.

The Magic Number – 60

For four weeks, we are recording the amount of time we spend on physical activity. Our aim is to spend 60 minutes every day on physical activity. Certificates will be presented at the end of the four weeks.