18 May 2016

Book Rental 2016/17

The Board of Management has discussed book rental for the coming school year 16/17. They have come to the agreement that the fee will remain the same as last year. It will be as follows, €95 euros for the first child and €85 for the second child, €75 for third child and €65 for fourth child.

  • Family of one child: €95
  • Family of two children: €180 (€95 & €85)
  • Family of three children: €255 (€95, €85, €75)
  • Family of four children: €320 (€95, €85, €75, €65)

Fees include €25 for Arts & Crafts and €15 for photocopying/resources and the covering of books (€40). Book rental fees may be paid in instalments of your choice to Suzanne in the office.

Parents who wish to buy their own books must let the office know before the end of May, so that the correct number of books may be ordered. Also if you are purchasing your own books, an Arts & Crafts fee of €25 and a €15 for photocopying per child must be paid to the office. When this is paid you will then receive your booklist in June. However those who do not pay will not receive their lists. It is very important that all fees for Arts & Crafts and photocopying are paid as each class will be allocated this money per child paid.