3 Jun 2014

Visit to Dáil Éireann

Interesting if not Successful Trip to Dáil.

Sixth class attended Dail Éireann yesterday to witness Minister of State Ciarán Cannon’s reply to Deputy John Halligan. According to the Minister of State there are in fact two building lists one being built and another which the DES has not decided to build but might build. We are unfortunately on the latter. The full reply can be accessed here.

The pupils were hosted by John Halligan TD who walked them around the building and also posing for a photograph and getting them each a drink. The trip had begun at 6:30 for everyone up from Tramore. We went on to visit the Natural History Museum and had a tour of the National Art Gallery. The trip was sponsored by the Parents Association.

John Halligan TD (in centre) with 6th class pupils. Beside John Halligan is John Deasy TD who met the party outside the Dáil.