11 Apr 2013

Book Rental Update

It has been decided that the bookrental fee will be adjusted this year. It will be as follows, €95 euros for the first child and €85 for second child, €75 for third and €65 for fourth child.

  • One Child: €95
  • Two Children: €180 (€95 & €85)
  • Three Children: €255 (€95, €85, €75)
  • Four Children: €320 (€95, €85, €75, €65)

Fees include €20 for Arts & Crafts and €10 for photo- copying and the covering of books. Monies payable to the school office in a clearly marked envelope.

Stage payments and Book Grants

Parents may pay their bookrental over a period in stage payments. Families may also apply for a book grant. This must be done in writing to the principal. The exact amount of the grant cannot be determined yet until it has been allocated by the Department.