6 Feb 2012

Save Our National Schools Campaign

Posted by James Mernin.

The Parent’s Association have been contacted by a number of concerned parents representing other national schools from Co. Waterford to ask for our support with the nationwide Save Our National Schools (SONS) campaign. This campaign aims to voice their opposition to several educational cutbacks that will affect the future of 10 schools in our county.

In particular, the support of other concerned has been requested at a public meeting to be held at the Civic Offices in Dungarvan on Monday, 13th February 2012. The purpose of this meeting is explained in the following letter received from the Chairperson of the Parent’s Association of Villierstown NS.

Dear Teacher/Parent/Guardian,

As I am sure you are well aware, this country is in the grips of the worst recession in the history of the State. Cut after cut is being imposed upon us, taxes piled on and prices rising ever higher. All of this is taking its toll on us as a nation, but alas we are being told it is our own fault and we all have to swallow this bitter medicine, yet education and health are to bear the brunt of this.

However bad this country is economically, it is no excuse to lump the bill at the feet of our children. It is not fair that Minister Quinn is trying to cut €70 million from the education budget this year alone, but €140 million next year and €220 million the year after that! Not one child in the country is to blame for this farce, yet they are the ones that will suffer the most. Why doesn’t the Minister first look elsewhere within Leinster House to cut some budgets?

Having spoken to other primary schools and parents associations around Co. Waterford earlier today (31/01/12) it is clear that people are very angry and scared for their children’s future. We need to make our voices heard so as a result we are organising a protest about these cuts at the next meeting of Waterford County Council. Even if your school is not directly affected by these cuts we need to stand together, shoulder to shoulder, to help those who are affected and facing a bleak future.


This is the next scheduled date and time of the next sitting of Waterford County Council. Please show your support for those who badly need it.

Damien Landers, Chairperson, Villierstown NS Parents Association