8 Dec 2011

Christmas Concerts

The annual Christmas Concerts will take place on Wednesday, 21 December 2011 and will be divided into two sessions (see below). Admission to all sessions is completely free this year but your continued support for the raffle in Session 2 would be most welcome.

Session 1 – Admission Free!

Junior & Senior Infants and Rang 1 shows will take place in Rang 4 (just inside main door) from 12pm – 2pm, as follows:

  • Junior Infants: 12:00pm
  • Senior Infants: 12:45pm
  • First Class: 1:30pm

Session 2 – Admission Free!

Shows from Rang 2-6 will take place at Stella Maris Hall from 6:30pm – 8:30pm, as follows:

  • Class 2: 6:30pm
  • Class 3: 7:00pm
  • Class 4: 7:20pm
  • Class 5: 7:45pm
  • Class 6: 8:00pm


Tickets for the raffle will cost €3 per strip, or 2 strips for €5. The draw for the raffle will take place after the final show in Session 2.