25 Jan 2011

Design Team Appointed

Posted by Daithí de Paor.

The Minister for Education and Skills, Mary Coughlan TD has announced that a design team will be appointed to draw up comprehensive plans for a new Gaelscoil at Crobally Upper, Tramore. We are delighted with the news and we hope that our new school will serve all those who wish to avail of education through the medium of Irish in Tramore. We have waited for many years in temporary accommodation and do not think that our campaign is over. We will continue to demand that the project be progressed as quickly as possible through all stages. We are very grateful to parents and our local supporters who have helped to raise awareness about our school’s accommodation deficit.

The official press release under which this announcement was made can be viewed here and Gaelscoil Philib Barún’s revised status is reflected on Page 3 of the document entitled, “School Building Programme 2011 – Brief Formulation” (which is the first document listed at the bottom of the press release page).