20 Oct 2010

School Mural by Rachel Smith

We are all born free and equal…

The concept for the mural was based on the spectacular views enjoyed by the children at Gaelscoil Philib Barún and was designed to include imagery and ideas from the UN Charter on the Rights of the Child. Elements of the children’s local environment were combined with ideas of freedom and equality.

The mural includes a ship representing those without a country to call home. The Irish flag symbolizes the country we live in and the language through which the children are taught. The kite colours represent Waterford whilst Tramore is depicted by the two headlands and the metalman. The metalman holds the scales of justice representing our right to equality under the law. The dove of peace is included as our hope for our children’s future. All pupils and staff at the school have lent their handprints to complete aspects of the mural. The sea creatures were created by the pupils of last years sixth class. It was important that the children felt ownership of the mural through their active participation.

Rachel Smith Mural

Whilst symbolism in the mural is strong, the aim was for an overall effect of brightness and fun, something to bring a smile to your face. The mural is big, colourful and cheerful like the atmosphere at Gaelscoil Philib Barún, which is thanks to the dedication of the hard working staff. It was an honour to be asked to paint this mural and with the help of so many eager little hands an unforgettable experience.

Rachel Smith, Parent and Artist