9 Oct 2009

The Minister has the Money

By his own recent admission, the Minister for Education clearly has a whopping €386m of unspent funding at his disposal. More than enough to build a new school for Gaelscoil Philib Barún and for many, many others too.

However, for reasons known only to him and his department, our school is left languishing among 1,178 other schools awaiting major capital works. This is not only depressing (considering we’ve been asking for a permanent school for over 24 years) but also shocking when you consider how many other schools are in the same situation as we are.

The mere fact that €386m of budgeted money remains unspent is not only a crime against our children but also a crime against thousands of construction workers facing very tough and uncertain times at present. The Minister has confirmed that the money will indeed be spent but he did not say when, where or how.

The waiting continues…