15 May 2009

Last Word on Prefabs

The issue of prefabs in Primary Schools and how money is being wasted on renting them was discussed on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on Thursday, 4th May 2009.

The point was made by Tomás Sharkey (Sinn Féin) that, at a time when so many construction companies are going out of business, we still have a shameful amount of schools in the country operating out of rented prefabs, costing the tax payer hundres of thousands of euros both in terms of the rental fees but also in social welfare payments to the redundant construction workers.

In response, Liam Aylward (Fianna Fáil) stated that he was aware that the Minster for Education (Batt O’Keeffe) was looking at a proposal to build schools right around the country. He also said that he expects the Minister to make announcement about this quite soon.

Why do I get the feeling that we’ve heard this type of language before?

A podcast of the entire show is available from the Today FM website. The specific discussion on prefabs occurs from 43:00 to 46:00.

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