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School Reopening

The Gaelscoil will reopen on Friday, 28 August 2020 for all classes and staggered times will apply, as follows: Naíonáin Bheaga agus Mhóra at 8:45am Rang 1,2,3,4, at 8:55am Rang 5 agus 6 at 9:05am Information on the safe return to school is available on this letter. Please be aware that further updates will be communicated on this website and through text.

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School Calendar 2020-2021

The calendar for the next school year (2019-2020) is now available to view from the School Calendar page. The majority of dates are confirmed but there are still some that may be subject to change closer to the time. The parish has announced Saturday, 12 September 2020 at 10am in Holy Cross Church, Tramore as the provisional date for the confirmation. All details are available here.

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Book Lists 2020-2021

The book lists for 2020/21 are now available here. Please indicate that you are availing of the book rental scheme by Friday, 19 June 2020. To do this, please register for online payments on DataBiz Solutions and make a part or full payment of the book rental for your child or children. The school booklists are available online on and can be purchased at School Necessities, Tramore.

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Book Rental 2020/21

The Board of Management has raised slightly the cost of the book rental fees again this year to cover the cost of an online payment system.Due to guidelines in place while the Covid-19 pandemic is active the school will not be accepting cash payments. Instructions on how to facilitate this online payment system are available elsewhere on this site. Once this is done it will be very easy to complete any payments to be made to the school. One Child:

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Online Payments

Due to restrictions pertaining to the Covid-19 (Coronavirus), the school is putting a facility in place to allow parents to make payments to the school online. To this end, we are asking parents to log on with their email address to the portal we are using (Databiz Solutions) by following the directions here. The school has a phone number registered with each family but will require an email also. Please use a current and up to date email. If you

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New Admission Policy being drafted

Following the enacting of new legislation all schools are required to amend their admission policies. Gaelscoil Philib Barún has drafted a new policy to be in effect for 2021 which complies with new guidelines outlined by the legislation and will submit its policy for approval to its patron. The draft can be found here for parents who want to view it.

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Our Virtual Classrooms

Teachers are putting up lessons and recommended activities for pupils each day using the Padlet software on our new Collaboration page. We hope to update these daily. There have been difficulties with the amount of traffic on this service. We are aware that some pupils were not able to bring home their textbooks and we will arrange to have the relevant textbook pages up on the each class’s site. Pupils should work through the work as best they can. On

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Homework Collaboration

As part of the school’s efforts to minimise the impact of the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak, which led to the school being closed from Friday, 13 March 2020 to Monday, 30 March 2020, the teachers have collaborated to provide some virtual learning aids. These will be used in the coming weeks to provide some limited work for students during the school days that the school is closed. The work has been deemed reasonable, while limited in nature and scope, and we hope

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