Gaelscoil Philib Barún

Celebrating our Christmas Concerts

The entire school community enjoyed our recent Christmas concert series that were held in-person at the school hall once again, after a 2 year absence due to Covid-19.

For many parents, this was their first time to ever see their child perform on stage, a precious part of family life and memory creation that should not be underestimated.

Here is a selection of photographs taken on the night.

Gaelscoil Philib Barún – Rang 1 – A rinne Scéal na Trí Muica agus an Mac Tíre Gránna
Gaelscoil Philib Barún – Rang 3 – Foireann Barbie agus an Seachtar Leipreacháin
Gaelscoil Philib Barún – Rang 3 – C’mon Barbie Let’s go Party
Gaelscoil Philib Barún – Rang 3 – Barbie agus an Banríon. Ciocu is Dathúla