Gaelscoil Philib Barún

Thank You, Muinteoir Ben

Muinteori Ben received a surprise gift earlier today, to thank him for all of the effort he has invested in producing the “Saoirse” film, which was formally launched earlier today. The gift, which took the form of a Vinyl EP of the movie soundtrack, was presented by former pupil Kelly Ní Mheirnín who composed, recorded and produced the music in the film. The EP was created by CopySmith, an Irish-based media production company.

Ben’s suggestion that Kelly produce the movie soundtrack was a visionary move that provided Kelly with a welcome project to complete during her Transition Year at Gaelcholáiste Phort Láirge. Given the global pandemic, most other Transition Year projects were not possible and it was a very refreshing change to be able to complete a project that did not have a large online element.

In a stroke of fate, it also turns out that Ben is not a fan of digital music either, listening almost exclusively to vinyl records. It was therefore especially pleasing for Kelly to learn about this after the decision to produce this unique (and very deserving) gift for Ben.