Gaelscoil Philib Barún

New School Website

The look & feel of the school website has remained largely unchanged since its launch almost 12 years ago, on 20 April 2009. However, while the current styling has served us well, we feel that it’s time for a refresh and are delighted to launch the new website today, Monday, 18 January 2021.

In addition to the aesthetic refresh, the update includes the use of an automatic language translation system to provide a more complete website experience as Gaeilge, as well as GDPR-compliant cookie handling.

Due to the retirement of the older language translation system, which included the Irish and English text beside each other in each article (but encoded in specific ways so as to be seamless to the reader), and due to the sheer volume of articles published over the past 12 years, it will not be possible to covert all of the articles to the newer format, so some older articles (i.e. from before 2020) may include both the Irish and English text beside each other, which may appear confusing at times.

Our goal is to convert all of the static pages on the website to the newer format and convert all blog articles from January 2020 onwards as well. These changes should be complete by the end of January 2021.