Gaelscoil Philib Barún

Our Virtual Classrooms

Teachers are putting up lessons and recommended activities for pupils each day using the Padlet software on our new Collaboration page. We hope to update these daily. There have been difficulties with the amount of traffic on this service. We are aware that some pupils were not able to bring home their textbooks and we will arrange to have the relevant textbook pages up on the each class’s site.

Pupils should work through the work as best they can. On some of the class pages the teachers will be able, in a limited fashion, to interact with pupils and answer questions. This may not always be possible but if someone is in difficulty we recommend they move on to the next task. If for any reason a pupil is not able to work any day please be aware that all work is undertaken at the discretion of the parent or guardian.

As this is online work we ask that pupils are supervised while online and that their engagement with sites recommended and videos suggested by the teachers is monitored. There are plenty of tips on online safety on This is a new experience for us all and we hope to learn from it and get better at doing it. Thank you for you patience. Stay safe and self isolated!